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Latest Video Featuring Courtney Dinkel

Based out of Hudson Valley, New York (but not limited to).

Understanding the importance of capturing the viewers attention and keeping them engaged is the goal but knowing how and executing it is the passion. It’s what makes this fun!

You know that feeling when you’re sitting in a movie theater and the trailers start rolling.
The music and sounds alone are enough to grab your attention throughout the trailer but throw in an awesomely edited sequence that’s able to evoke emotion from you in just 30 seconds and makes you say “I gotta see that”.
Well… we love that feeling. And being able to create it is even better.


Anyone can hold a camera, hit record and piece some clips together. But when we hit record… it’s game time. Movement, angles, perception. If it’s not a workout while filming then it wasn’t done right.


Where the magic happens and surgical-like precise editing of all those awesome shots get put together to our imaginations content.